Live presence, even in text

Stop wasting your time watching dancing dots. Read your BFF’s thoughts as they type. You can talk much faster this way. Text has never felt so intimate.

Konmarie your social network

Exhausted by endless feeds? Fatigued by internet vitriol? Don’t waste hours removing people who don’t spark joy from other social networks. Imagine if you and the people you loved most had a private social network free of Trump and all those people who don’t spark joy. Get a fresh start with just the people you love most.

Your fam sparks joy

Your fam sparks joy. you want more time with your fam. Your fam inspires and supports you. If you had a billion dollars you would create a village for all your fam to live with you. So bring connect your fam on Supfam, which we've designed to draw you all closer together.

Start conversations at the right time

Tired of getting left hanging in a conversation when your friend had a green dot on Messenger? Just because you’re online doesn’t make it a good time to talk. With Supfam you can start conversations when you can both really engage.

Set expectations

Feel anxious turning off your phone? you want to be there for your fam, but sometimes you’ve just got to focus. Supfam lets your family know why you’re away so you can save the world in peace.

Have fun in groups again

Did you mute every group chat you’ve been invited to? Ever hesitate to post a meme or article because you don’t want to spam everyone? Imagine getting group messages only when you want them. Supfam only notifies people of group messages when they aren’t busy. Never fear to send a group message, Supfam won’t spam your fam.

Feel close even when apart

Ever feel disconnected from your fam? Maybe you see all the manufactured “highlights” of their day, but how are they truly? How many of your “friends” know what you ate for lunch? Closeness means sharing the little details.

Share your poops

Ever censor yourself on social? Can’t speak your heart? you can share anything with your fam. There’s no timeline or feed, just statuses that disappear when you post a new one. Your fam accepts you wholly.

Grow an anti-consumerist culture

Other apps collect and sell your data to help advertisers trick you into buying more stuff you don’t need. you only need clean water, healthy food, safe shelter, and family. We want to grow a world where everyone gets more of what they need. Don’t let advertisers trick you into thinking an item can fill the hole of unmet need. Most of us just need more intimacy, not more stuff. Enjoy more time with your family, get rid of things you don’t need.

Like a hobbit home for your fam

Get nestled and cozy with your folx in our handcrafted, underground experience.

Keep us a secret

Only tell your closest friends about Supfam please. We want to keep it cozy here.

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